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What will the smartphones industry be like in 2018?

iPhone X lying on the table | on Display | SmartPhones in 2018

To say about the smartphones which will be released in 2018, we don't have to wait for the new year to arrive as the technologies which will be used to add some features has already been designed and is under beta testing. And, as you know as year passes by the leaks and renders are being close to 100% accurate.

Before proceeding to the smartphones which will be released in 2018, let's have a year rewind of 2017 in the smartphones industry. With the release of the Google's Year in Search (2017), reports show that iPhone 8 was the most searched phone than the iPhone X. The reason being that is the iPhone X design was misunderstood as the iPhone 8 design's. And, then after the release of iphone X, the notch and it's strange display with that aspect ratio created a buzz too followed by how to hide that notch and so on. Coming to the budget oriented segment, the Redmi Note 4 was the top selling smartphone in India (2017). And, then the amazing portrait camera shots by the Pixel2 and Pixel 2 XL proved that the dual camera is just hyped and a marketing gimmick sometimes. Not only, the mid-ranger and the premium phones provided the portrait mode but the MiA1 (which is powered by Google) proved to be the best camera smartphone regarding the portrait mode.

Also, Considering the fact that the Indian telecom newtorks tried to collaborate with companies to provide affordable smartphones below 5K.

Now, let's coming back to the post discussion, we already know that the chip(s) which will be provided in the upcoming smartphones has been
already designed such as the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845. Also, we are moving to the era of Augmented Reality and the the support for faster networks modem, we will be soon have the hands-on experience of 5G Smartphone!

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Qualcomm executive VP Christiano Amon says to expect more phones with 4K resolution displays as more video is being delivered in mobile format and more network providers have the bandwidth to support it. Qualcomm has already said that its new high-end chip will feature improved security as well as support for two features found on the latest iPhones — a portrait mode camera and the use of facial recognition for unlocking the device.
Let's see what our future days are upto regarding the smartphones and wish you people a Happy New Year.

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