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iPhone SE 2 to launch soon?

Since the launch of iPhone SE in 2016, Apple had shown reports that majority of the new Apple users are in the family due to the affordability and its compactness of the SE model. This year we've seen leaks and renders of the iPhone SE(2018) on a large scale. So, is Apple planning to launch the successor of iPhone SE?

iphone SE2 , iphone SE(2018)

The answer is still not yet known but we've recently heard that Apple has discontinued the iPhone X and the leaks of SE2 suggests the similar design of iPhone X on a smaller screen. So, it might happen that after the discontinuation, Apple will be keeping the design on the iPhone SE2. Just a guess from our side. What do you think, let us know in the comments section, below?

First, we have a render of an iPhone SE (2018) screen protector. This gives us a great look at the phone from the front and the side, showing off an all-screen design that mimics that of the larger iPhone X (and a rumored iPhone X+ that might arrive later this year). This more efficient design means you get a compact phone with the screen of a much larger phone; an impressive feat. As before, the removal of the home button means that Face ID will be used to unlock the phone and gestures will be used to access the home screen and multi-tasking menus. Meanwhile, functions, like taking screenshots and activating Siri, have been moved to the side buttons. You can see that the Face ID cutout is proportionally larger than it is on the bigger iPhone X, with the screen protected scaled to match.

Iphone SE2

Next, we have photos taken in what looks to be a factory, showing a screen protector for the iPhone SE (2018) sitting next to an iPhone 5. You can see that the screen protector is slightly smaller than the iPhone 5, suggesting that Apple has scaled down the iPhone SE (2018) slightly compared to its predecessor. There’s a notch at the top for Face ID, and no home button hole at the bottom, showing that this is a new design.

iphone SE 2, iphone SE(2018)

Our final image shows a CAD schematic for the phone, showing a design with measurements of 121.04 x 55.82 millimeters. In comparison, the original iPhone SE is 123.8 x 58.6 millimeters. This lines up with the earlier image from the factory floor and suggests that Apple didn’t feel obliged to maintain case compatibility.

So, here's the fresh leaks and renders of the iPhone SE 2. How genuine is it, what do you feel let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned for more updates.  

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